350 Bay Area Legislative Committee: working for progressive climate legislation in California

California State Capitol Building, Sacramento

The 350 Bay Area Legislative Committee works on state climate, clean energy, and climate justice legislation through public education and advocacy at the district level (assembly and senate) and in Sacramento.

We work with other environmental, social justice, and progressive groups to promote strong climate legislation.

Activities include:

  • Legislative training: how to track legislation; preparing for meetings with legislators
  • Analyzing and tracking bills for action
  • Writing fact sheets, blogs and social media to inform and activate supporters
  • Meetings with legislators
  • Letter writing, calling and lobbying
  • Attending meetings and hearings in Sacramento
  • Working with other groups on legislative campaigns
  • Following state rule making and regulatory actions once bills are passed (e.g. Air Resources Board)

100 Percent Renewables: SB 100 in Appropriations

SB 100, which requires California to generate 100 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2045, has had two readings in the Assembly Appropriations committee.  During the summer recess July 21-August 21, the Legislative Committee and other environmental...
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Videos from the Cap and Trade Workshop

On December 3, 2016, the Legislative Committee hosted a day-long workshop on California’s “Cap and Trade” mechanism for meeting greenhouse gas emissions standards.  These three videos capture the highlights of the day. Video 1 is the morning panel; Video 2 is the afternoon panel; and Video 3 is Dan Jacobson from Environment California.

Dan Jacobson on THE California Legislature’s Environmental Agenda

Video: Dan Jacobson from Environment California tells participants at the February 25 Legislative Training how the California State Legislature plans to push back on Trump’s anti-environment schemes.